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Stop getting fake Facebook "page shut down" SPAM messages in seconds!

Jan 16, 2024

If you're like EVERY other business owner with a Facebook page then you've been overwhelmed and inundated with HUNDREDS of fake warnings about your business account violating....well... nothing. Your inbox has message after message from profiles posing as Facebook telling you to click links to fix something you've done. (In case we have to point this out, clicking links is never a good idea). But, the moment you do, your account is compromised. These warnings are always fake and the messages are coming from individuals hoping to get their grubby little hands on your data, ad accounts, and anything else they can steal from you. Well - NO MORE. 

Here's the quick and easy way to stop most (if not all) of these messages. It's all about limiting who can see your page. Since the vast majority of these bad actors are coming from outside of the US, Canada, the UK or Australia, limiting your page accessibility to only the countries you do business in will make it impossible for the bad guys in other countries to find your page and target your business. 

Ready to have a safer Facebook experience? Follow these easy steps!

Go to Your Business Page > Click Settings > Click Privacy > Click Public Posts > Click Country Restrictions > Edit > Then, Allow Only USA, CAN etc...

AND BOOM! You're done!

Now your Facebook business page is a kinder, safer space. 

Happy Socialling - 


P.S. While I have you - make sure two-factor authentication is turned on for your accounts!


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