Who needs professional social media management?

The most common types of companies that need help managing their social media are mid-market companies interested in taking their brand that next level in social media channels. Typically they haven’t produced the results they would like on social media from within their organization on the channels they feel are the most important – FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInYouTube, or Pinterest. Resources are always limited and let’s face it, marketing always seems pushed to the bottom of the list. Disappointment with social media ROI is almost always a direct result of not investing in the resources necessary to build an internal team just for social media success.

Sometimes the issue lies in being able to clearly identify and target customers. While a company may be successful in their niche B2B or B2C industry, identifying and finding customers can sometimes be a challenge with traditional media channels. Throw in a whole new world of social marketing with its new rules, tools and ever-changing channels, and many companies toss their hands up in frustration. But the good news is that with the right partner and the right style of storytelling, finding and acquiring new customers is possible.

Other internal issues can sabotage a company’s social media success.  Because social media responsibilities can cross so many boundaries it’s not uncommon for a company to task marketing, sales, PR, or HR departments with managing the accounts. For non-profits, even development departments can be responsible. It seems to make sense. After all, social media communication is kind of a strange hybrid. It may work, too. For a while.  For other companies they’ve mistakenly viewed the management of their social media accounts as simple enough to pass on to even the most junior of staff.  Over the years a long list of interns may have walked through the door, each one tasked with managing a company’s presence online. And while some likely had great success, others may have been poorly organized and off brand or message. And a company never knows which way it will go until it’s too late and their streams are a mess and online reviews are in the tank. The thing is, companies can limp through a few years before realizing that a lack of a true strategy and expertise was wasteful and didn’t represent the high standards of the company brand. Equally disappointing is this haphazard treatment of these important communications platforms does nothing to build an audience or shows any signs of engagement.

So why Socially Acceptable?

Your employees already have important jobs and social media management, when done correctly, takes a lot of time and creativity. Plus, the industry changes almost daily. Your employees need to focus on their jobs and you need a dedicated person working to create content, protect and maintain your brand with a consistent personality, voice, look and feel.

Done For You Social Media Management

  • We’re on-site weekly for all local clients

  • Management of all social channels

  • Content creation – graphics, photos, video, stories, etc.

  • Open communication channels between our folks and your folks

  • Chatbots set up and messenger monitoring so you don’t miss important questions or feedback

  • Reputation management – we’ll keep an eye on your reviews, alert you to issues and help resolve problems

  • Full management of your Facebook and Instagram advertising. We’ll do all the targeting and heavy lifting

  • Access to our scheduling platform so you can monitor what’s being posted and when

  • Monthly reports showcasing benchmarks and growth and highlighting the big moments from the past month