Do you need it?

You likely have noticed that your Facebook page doesn’t get the activity it once did. The reason is fairly simple. The Facebook (and Instagram) platforms have grown so much that there simply isn’t enough real estate for every page, friend, family member or group someone follows to be shown. Because of that, Facebook has created algorithms to try to show someone what they most want to see based on what they have engaged with in the past. But even with those algorithms there is just too much content. And so, Facebook and Instagram are more of  pay-to-play sites and you need to run Facebook ads each month to reach your perfect clients.  Compared to more traditional marketing channels Facebook Ads are under-utilized and insanely cheap and a great way to market to your perfect client.  Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Facebook ads:

  • Target your competitors fans
  • Target your perfect clients by detailed demographics
  • Target your local market right down to the zipcode
  • Reach customers for pennies per engagement
  • Use conversion pixels to pinpoint exactly how much it costs to acquire a new customer or e-mail subscriber
  • Advertise to people who have visited your website
  • Build your e-mail list

Step one is running a set of ads to split test what converts best for you.  We’ll design and set up the best set of Instagram and Facebook ads and then present a report on which ads performed the best so we know what direction works. We test both demographics and then images so we know what’s working with your audience.

So why Socially Acceptable?

Millions of dollars are wasted each year by companies placing ads that do nothing.  If you don’t know the difference between boosting a post and creating a custom audience or if a pixel sounds like a little woodland fairy, then you could be one of them.  When done right, Facebook advertising is more effective and offers better targeting than any other method of advertising.

Done For You Social Media Management

  • We’re on-site weekly for all local clients

  • Management of all social channels

  • Content creation – graphics, photos, video, stories, etc.

  • Open communication channels between our folks and your folks

  • Chatbots set up and messenger monitoring so you don’t miss important questions or feedback

  • Reputation management – we’ll keep an eye on your reviews, alert you to issues and help resolve problems

  • Full management of your Facebook and Instagram advertising. We’ll do all the targeting and heavy lifting

  • Access to our scheduling platform so you can monitor what’s being posted and when

  • Monthly reports showcasing benchmarks and growth and highlighting the big moments from the past month