You know you need to use them but how do you get started?? Here’s the step-by-step way to create an Instagram Reel.

Step 1:

Click the plus icon
Navigate to your profile page, and click the + icon in the top right-hand corner of the app (this is the same one you would use to create a feed post or an Instagram Story). This will open a menu that allows you to choose what type of content you want to create—tap Reels.

Step 2:

Choose your media 
Next, you can either use the camera on Instagram to create new content or you can scroll through your camera roll and choose the media files you want to use. You’re able to edit several different images or video clips together if you want.

Step 3:

Edit your footage
Once you select a video, you can use the app’s editing features to add flair and personalize it. There are a lot of options so play around!

You can scale the video to size or adjust the cropping and edit the video by trimming it. Once it’s ready, click Add.

On the next screen, you can add additional video clips by clicking the blue + icon in the bottom left-hand corner, which will allow you to stitch different clips together.

Instagram Reels can be up to 60 seconds long, but you don’t have to hit that max. Keeping it at least 15 seconds and under 60 is a good goal to have.

Step 4:

Add an audio clip, voiceover, and visual effects  
On the same screen where you add additional clips, you’ll also see icons on the left-hand side that allow you to further edit your footage. The music note icon allows you to add an audio clip to the video, and you can either speed up playback or slow it down by tapping the 1x icon.  Add your own audio or saved audio from other Reels that you’ve watched. You can also add visual effects to your Reel. Available options include filters, GIFs, stickers, text, etc. If you want to add voiceover to your Reel you’re able to do that as well.

Step 5:

Add a caption and tag users
This screen looks similar to the feed post creation screen that you’re probably already used to.

Your max caption length is 2,200 characters, so there’s plenty of room to get super creative. You can include hashtags and emojis in the caption.

Then, if relevant, tag other users in the Reel by clicking on Tag people. It’s important to only tag users who appear or who are referenced in some way in the Reel, or you could end up violating Instagram’s guidelines.

Step 6:

Tag a paid partnership (if applicable)   
If you’re a creator, influencer, or even a brand that has created this Reel as part of a paid partnership or sponsorship, you need to disclose it. In order to do this, click on Advanced Settings. This will open up the option to Add Paid Partnership Label. Enable it to tag brand partners in your Reel (and stay in line with Instagram’s guidelines).

Step 7:

Publish your Reel
Double-check everything to make sure it looks great, and then you’re ready! Tap Share at the bottom of the screen to publish your Reel.

YAY! Congratulations!!


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