Social media marketing is obviously one of the most important ways for businesses to reach their target market. But why?

Why does social media provide such incredible benefits? Wasn’t it a short while ago that social platforms were only used to connect with family & friends?

The truth is, things have changed. A lot! Nearly every marketer has noticed how social media has significantly increased their exposure. And this can only mean one thing: if you’re not using social media to your advantage, you’re missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity.

With that in mind, here are seven “secrets” about social media marketing that may surprise you:

Social Media Marketing can boost your SEO

What does social media have to do with search engine optimization? Simply put, search engines know which pages on your website are getting traffic and which ones don’t. This means that, each time you share your evergreen content on social media, you’ll send traffic to your website and that tells the search engines your website is still relevant, helping you to maintain your rankings or climb faster in the SERP’s!

Social Media helps you know your target market

By taking an interest in your “fans” on social media, you can easily find out who your target market is and what they’re most interested in. Using Insights, the built in analytics tool in Facebook, or the analytics available in Instagram, you can learn location, demographics and more so you’re able to better target your message and advertising to the people most interested in what you offer. The more you know about your audience, the better you can market your products and your services.

A strong social media presence helps you increase your brand awareness 

People don’t look at Facebook or Instagram and see a marketing platform. They see a social network. That in mind, the more you interact with everyone, the sooner you can start building a relationship with your audience and grow as a brand. And, if you really want to step up your game, look into creating a Facebook or Linked In group where you can create and nurture a strong base of fans and, bonus – to a certain extent – you control the message. Facebook has recently made it clear that groups are the future. Start brainstorming how your company can use them.

Social platforms allow you to target and RE-target to your audience

Did you know you can narrow down your audience on social media and target only your ideal customers? Not only that, but Facebook allows you to retarget your products and services to anyone who nearly became your client or customer.  With a little help from the pixel pixies you can serve ads to someone who may have visited your website, but left before making a purchase.  That person can be added to your list of “almost clients” and you can deliver your ads directly to them long after their visit in the hopes that they convert.

Money Matters.

Social media marketing is cost effective

Advertising in the traditional ways can cost a fortune. But, one of the many great things about social media is how inexpensive AND targeted it can be. Of course creating a business profile on social channels is free, and if you have the time to populate the profiles with content, then the only cost for being active on the channels is your time. If you decide to advertise on social media, your budgets can be surprisingly small for a good impact. Plus, you always control the budget. Want to ramp up or down? The change can happen nearly instantly.

Social media marketing is a fair way to play

One of the best things about social media is that it’s a fair way to market your business. Of course, bigger brands have some advantages, like bigger marketing budgets and better name recognition, but everyone can create a social account for free and dedicate their time to engage with their audience. And while you may not have the budget to hire a full time employee to create content and manage your channels, there are options…hint hint, contact me.

Your competitors are already active on social media

Last but definitely not least, your competition is already active on social media. In fact, most brands already have at least one active social media account. They’re using Facebook ads and they’re engaging your clients. But, there is a lot you can do to win their customers away. I’d be happy to help you do it.